Thursday 17 October: Day-tour canoe (Paddling with Wolves). 4 seats available.

Sunday 20 October: Day-tour canoe (Paddling with Wolves). 4 seats available.

Monday 21 October: Introduction course sea-kayaking (“wetcard”-course). 2 seats available.

Sunday 27 October: Day-tour canoe (Paddling with Wolves). 4 seats available.

mail@oslooutdoor.no for booking/more information.

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Photo: Oslo Outdoor

Photo: Oslo Outdoor

The ultimate wilderness experience

Guided day tours or multi-day expeditions by canoe on lakes and rivers in the Oslo forests and elsewhere in Norway. Or opt for a combined canoeing and hiking tour.

Photo: Anton Ligaarden/Visitnorway.com

Photo: Anton Ligaarden/Visitnorway.com


Explore the Oslo forests with a full suspension mountain bike or a carbon gravel bike. From expert level single track to easy gravel roads, and everything in between.

Sunset over the Folgefonna glacier. Photo: Oslo Outdoor

Sunset over the Folgefonna glacier. Photo: Oslo Outdoor

Tailor made tours and expeditions

Designed activities or tours for groups or individuals to fit your available time and budget. Combine activities such as hiking, paddling, biking, climbing and wildlife watching in an adventure weekend, or week, in Oslo or elsewhere in Norway.

Photo: Oslo Outdoor

Photo: Oslo Outdoor

Trekking in deep forests or in the high mountains

Guided day tours or multi-day expeditions in deep, rugged forest areas outside Oslo or in the high mountains less than 2 hours drive away.

Photo: Oslo Outdoor

Photo: Oslo Outdoor

Snowshoe hiking

It’s fun. It’s easy. With walking sticks and snowshoes you can hike in deep snow to amazing places in the forests where no one else can go.

Photo: Torbjørn Martinsen/VisitNorway

Photo: Torbjørn Martinsen/VisitNorway

Explore animals in their natural environment

Guided evening tours in deep forests where moose reside or watching the big birds mating-play in springtime.

Photo: Oslo Outdoor

Photo: Oslo Outdoor


Multi-day tours among hundreds of islands in the archipelago of Færder National Park in the southern Oslofjord, day-tours close to Oslo, or sea-kayak courses.

Photo: Oslo Outdoor

Photo: Oslo Outdoor

One night in the outdoors

As simple as it sounds. Spend one night in the wilderness in a safe environment. Learn about the living forest and its wildlife. Fall asleep in a tent, a hammock or directly on the ground while watching the stars. Wake up as the sun rises and the forest birds sing.



Oslo is arguably the adventure travel capital of Europe with its unique location. Close to the city you’ll find deep forests with lakes, rivers and a rich wildlife, ideal for canoeing, biking, running, hiking and wilderness adventures. Within 90 minutes drive from the city you can hike in high mountain areas or go sea-kayaking in one of Norway’s most beautiful archipelagos. These areas are still undiscovered gems for adventure travelers from around the world.

The air is clean. The water is clean. The area is safe.

Try Oslo as your next adventure travel destination. We promise that you will not be disappointed.

Designed around the traditional Norwegian concept of genuin outdoor life Ousland Oslo Outdoor offers world-class nature based experiences in these surroundings. We provide fixed and tailor made adventure activities, tours and expeditions for individuals and small groups, ranging from day-tours to 10-days expeditions.

 Our philosophy is quite simple. We believe that people protect what they love. We love wild nature. We think our guests will love it too. And what we love we protect.

We invite you to a safe and sustainable outdoor adventure in Norwegian nature.

Away from the crowds but close to the capital.



Attached to Nature

Norwegians are closely attached to nature. Through ancient traditions of outdoor life the concept of friluftsliv, which literally translates to free living, has developed. It is hard to define friluftsliv, but any Norwegian will know what it means. It is what attach us to nature. Learn more about traditional outdoor life and what you should be aware of if you opt for a Norwegian wilderness adventure.


Your Own Adventure

Ousland Oslo Outdoor often get requests from individual travellers, families or representatives of large groups who would you like to do “some outdoor adventure stuff in Norway” and are looking for options that would suit their particular needs.

If you do not find what you are looking for among our listed adventures do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with suggestions or point you in the right direction to one of our solid cooperating partners in other parts of the country.