Season: Late April - Mid November

Hiking in deep forests or high mountains. Our day-tours or multi-day hiking expeditions will take you through spectacular landscape and excellent viewpoints on hills and mountain tops away from the beaten track. Accomodation in basic huts, tents or hammocks.


Forest hiking. Day-tours or multi-day tours.

Hiking and bushwalking in deep, old forests, crossing rivers, lakes, hilltops and excellent viewpoints. Chances of spotting moose and other wildlife. Relax in front of the fire at night, gaze at the stars from your hammock. Learn more about the amazing ecosystem of the forest and the wildlife that inhabits the area. A genuine Ousland Oslo Outdoor adventure away from the crowds but close to the capital.

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Mountain hiking. Multi-day tours.

Traditional Norwegian mountain hiking in spectacular mountain areas less than two hours drive from Oslo.