Explore the mighty moose

This 5 hours evening tour will take you to a forest area with a lot of moose. You will see traces of moose and you will learn about the animals and its way of life. Quite often we spot animals and are able to study them up close or with binoculars. However we cannot guarantee that we will see animals on every tour.

Moose cow and calf (Photo: Stephane Kirouac)

Moose cow and calf (Photo: Stephane Kirouac)

Moose in the forest (Photo: CH/VisitNorway)

Moose in the forest (Photo: CH/VisitNorway)

What we do on this tour:

We pick you up in the centre of Oslo around 16.00h. in the afternoon and drive for about 20 minutes before we do a short hike to a place in the forest where we gather around the fire. Here the guide will explain the tour of the day and introduce you to the moose and its natural habitat - the living forest. You will be served a cup of “bush tea” - tea made from local ingredients such as pine trees and spruce. Honey from our own local beehives comes with it.

Afterwards we go for a hike on narrow trails and through the bush for about 2 hours. We walk in a slow pace where we make as little noise as possible. We will look for moose and traces of moose. We often spot them, but not always. So far we have seen moose on roughly 60% of our tours. With your binoculars you will see the animals up close if we spot them.

After the hike we gather around the fire again for a small traditional Norwegian meal, such as lefse with salmon, moose or reindeer. After the meal we walk back to the van for transport back to the centre of Oslo.

Moose in the forest (Photo: Richard Lee)

Moose in the forest (Photo: Richard Lee)


What is included in this tour:

  • Transport from the centre of Oslo and back again

  • Tea and a small traditional meal

  • A professional and dedicated guide

  • Binoculars for use during the tour

  • Hike for 2 hours or more through dense forest

  • A genuine wilderness experience in a living forest where you get to learn a lot about the moose and its natural environment.

Price: 1500 NOK/person.