It's easy. We will pick you up at your hotel or another agreed spot for transport to the starting point for the canoe tour. When the tour is over transport will be waiting for us and get you safely back to the centre of Oslo, or to the airport. Check out our tour page to get an idea of the distance to the various starting points. 


We take care of all the necessary paddling equipment, such as life-west, padles, canoes, security lines, etc. If you join us for an overnight expedition we also provide tents, sleeping pads and all the neccesary cooking eqipment. You need to bring your own sleeping bag and your own clothes. You don't have a sleeping bag? Don't worry. We'll rent you one. 

Evening at  Katnosa , one of the many lakes North of Oslo

Evening at Katnosa, one of the many lakes North of Oslo



Hidden gems

Oslomarka is the name of the large forest areas North, East and West of Oslo. This rugged forest area covers an area of 1700 square kilometers. Although it's name reflects the proximity to Oslo, Oslomarka actually spans across 18 municipalities and 4 counties in addition to Oslo.

The lakes of Oslomarka are plentyful and beautiful. They are relatively easy to access and you can spend days and even weeks without having to paddle the same lake twice. The most remote parts you'll find in the North of Nordmarka, but even Østmarka (the Eastern forests), which is only 30 minutes from the city centre, is a remarkably remote and wild area. 

The slow adventures seekers from joined us for a tour not so long ago. You can read their story about the hidden gems of Oslomarka here.  


You can join one of our fixed canoe tours in Oslomarka, or a tailor-made slow adventure expedition that combines hiking and canoeing. On request we offer spectacular padling and hiking also in other parts of Norway. Contact us for details.