Spring’s most beautiful adventure

Tours from 15 April to 15 May

To watch the mating ritual of the Black Grouse and the Capercaillie is a rare and very special experience. We have to be very quiet not to disturb the birds. And you will not get much sleep that night. But when the big birds enter the arena and starts their spectacular performance, it will be worth it. Join us for a night on a truly unique wilderness adventure.

Capercaillie, male (Photo: Mike Lane)

Capercaillie, male (Photo: Mike Lane)

Capercaillie, female (Photo: Hans Braxmeier)

Capercaillie, female (Photo: Hans Braxmeier)


What we do on this tour

Our guide will meet you at your hotel or another agreed pick-up point at 17.30h, followed by approximately 30 minutes drive in a comfortable van, to the starting point for our hike. We then hike through the forest, on gravel roads and narrow trails, for about 5 km.

When we approach the “mating arena” - a small swamp lake surrounded by pine trees - we establish a hide from where you will watch the ritual. At some distance from the mating area we make ourselves comfortable around a fire and enjoy an evening meal.

During the night we return to our hides. An then we wait. Just before sunrise the first birds will start to appear, but normally you will hear them calling for each other before that. With binoculars and camera we watch as the birds do their ritual. A spectacular experience!

In the early morning hours the play will be over and we return to the van for transport back to Oslo.

In order to watch the mating ritual of both the Capercaillie and the Black Grouse we have to arrive at the “mating arena” many hours before the birds. We also have to keep our voice down and make as little noise as possible. If the birds notice you they could be scared and fly off. The guide will explain the rules of behavior during the tour.

Black Grouse arriving at the scene (Photo: Oslo Outdoor)

Black Grouse arriving at the scene (Photo: Oslo Outdoor)

What you get

  • Transport from the centre of Oslo and back again.

  • A hike through the forest and a night in the outdoors.

  • A chance to see a spectacular natural ritual preformed by big forest birds.

  • An evening meal around the fire.

  • A skilled guide with local knowledge.

  • Binoculars for use during the tour.

What to bring

  • Plenty of warm clothes, preferably wool, a warm winter jacket, warm hat, mittens or warm gloves.

  • A chocolate bar/snacks and a bottle of water.

  • Headlamp/torch if you have.

  • Camera. If you are in for close-up photos make sure to bring your telephoto lens and a tripod.

Price: 1900 NOK/person. Children under 15 years: 1400 NOK/person